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I messed up my computer!!!! HELP!!?

So i'm in the middle of doing nanowrimo (national novel writing month) and i was super tired so i went to get some water to wake up a little and dropped some on my keyboard. i didnt know there was still some on the keyboard until half an hour later when i noticed my down key wasnt working. I restarted my computer because i thought the down key thing might just be my computer acting up (sometimes some letters don't work and i just restart it and it's fine) but now when i try to turn it on it just does a bunch of high beeps like the "low battery warning" when you start up the computer on a low battery and then it shuts off when it still has a quarter of the loading bar to go. My dad told me he thinks it'll be fine and that because of the water it thinks that there's a key being pressed but i'm scared, because this is my first laptop and i dont want to have to do the rest of my nanowrimo on this crappy virus filled pc. also, if it doesn't ever turn on again, is there a way to get the memory out of my computer and into a new one? or even just onto a flash drive or something? i have files and programs on that computer that i really need! i have a dell inspiron 1654 if that helps, and it's always been a bit glitchy...I messed up my computer!!!! HELP!!?
Try powering the laptop off entirely, turning it upside-down, drying it lightly with a hair-drier (but not so that you melt the plastic - Be careful), then leaving it upside-down in a warm room for a couple of days. If you're very lucky, it might recover or at least regain some functionality. If the machine runs fine but the keyboard is still broken, try plugging in an external keyboard as a quick fix.

If it is truly borked beyond repair, you can probably get a computer-savvy person who knows what they're doing (emphasis on knows what they're doing) to open it and remove the hard drive, then load it into another machine or something so that you can get your data back (like the guy above me said).

In future if you spill something on a keyboard or laptop, don't touch any buttons (don't even shut it down) and immediately unplug the keyboard or remove the laptop battery, then dry it out in the way I said above for 2 days before using it again.I messed up my computer!!!! HELP!!?
Try unplugging the keyboard, the beeps might be the down key being pressed. That is probably it.I messed up my computer!!!! HELP!!?
I've mentioned this method a few times on here as a way of recovering files on an otherwise broken computer...

As you are using a laptop, inside will be a 2.5" Hard Disk Drive (either IDE or SATA).

On eBay, you can buy a small, cheap adapter that will let you plug a hard disk drive directly into a USB port on a WORKING computer. The working (host) computer will be used to perform the backup of your important stuff but essentially all you would need to do is to copy your files into a new folder on the host computer. Once your files are copied (make sure you copy the files and not just LINKS to files!) simply burn your data onto DVD or CDROM so that you can ERASE your personal stuff and send the broken machine for repair or scrapped for an insurance claim.

'Programs' themselves are not really essential as backup items as all you will need is the original installation cd's to get the programs back on.

Here is a link to see the adapter in question. It is on UK ebay but the adapters can be bought anywhere.鈥?/a>

PS Laptop keyboards can be removed but it usually demands a bit of knowledge as certain screws would usually need to be taken out from the underside.

Here is an article on a slightly different model that explains how to remove components..鈥?/a>

IF you can remove the keyboard, thoroughly dry it out with a hairdryer (for example!) and do the same to the laptop, being careful not to overheat anything!

Just be aware that electrical things can fail catastrophically when powered up with water in em so try to make sure it is bone dry before powering it up (even take the battery out)

This might save you going to the expense of getting the adapter mentioned but either way, good luck!

I have to pretend to buy a car- please help- 10 points to best answer?

I have to pretend to buy a car for auto shop please help-

I need to know...

the year of the car, make, model, purchase price, engine size, transmission type, miles per gallon, insurance, oil change, tire rotation, coolant flush, transmission flush, alignment, 4 tires, shocks/struts (all four corners), front brakes (pads) rear brakes (pads or shoes) tune up (per cylinder numbers) battery, maintenance total- purchase price, insurance price, maintenance price, fuel price, total price

I have to do 2 of these- the first car I chose was this one...;csDlId=%26amp;csDgId=%26amp;listingId=34900877%26amp;listingRecNum=2%26amp;criteria=sf1Dir%3DDESC%26mkId%3D20044%26stkTyp%3DU%26rd%3D10%26crSrtFlds%3DstkTypId-feedSegId-mkId%26zc%3D80104%26rn%3D0%26PMmt%3D1-0-0%26stkTypId%3D28881%26sf2Dir%3DASC%26sf1Nm%3Dprice%26sf2Nm%3Dmiles%26rpp%3D50%26feedSegId%3D28705%26amp;aff=national

and this is the second...;csDlId=%26amp;csDgId=%26amp;listingId=35029945%26amp;listingRecNum=0%26amp;criteria=sf1Dir%3DDESC%26alMdId%3D21070%26mkId%3D20015%26stkTyp%3DN%26mdId%3D21070%26rd%3D10%26crSrtFlds%3DstkTypId-feedSegId-mkId-mdId%26zc%3D80104%26rn%3D0%26PMmt%3D1-1-0%26stkTypId%3D28880%26sf2Dir%3DASC%26sf1Nm%3Dprice%26sf2Nm%3Dlocation%26alMkId%3D20015%26rpp%3D50%26feedSegId%3D28705%26amp;aff=national

If you can even help with any of the questions for either of the vehicles it would help me soooooooooo much

ThankI have to pretend to buy a car- please help- 10 points to best answer?
Well you already know this much by looking at the ad.

the year of the car, make, model, purchase price, engine size, transmission type, miles per gallon.

You can get estimates on line for this.

insurance, 4 tires,

You can contact a local repair shop for estimates on the maintenance costs.

oil change, tire rotation, coolant flush, transmission flush, alignment, shocks/struts (all four corners), front brakes (pads) rear brakes (pads or shoes) tune up (per cylinder numbers) battery.

You can do the math to calculate this.

maintenance total- purchase price, insurance price, maintenance price, fuel price, total price

Part of this homework assignment is knowing where to go to get the information and how to research the purchase options.I have to pretend to buy a car- please help- 10 points to best answer?
You want us to do your homework for you? Not happening.

Pick one of the cars and start researching.I have to pretend to buy a car- please help- 10 points to best answer?
both are good at there price but bit expensive i can say should be less 10% of price approximately mentioned

Do you think solar panel roadways linked across the country could reverse the effects of global climate change

My Idea for solving Hydrocarbon Problems

My idea consists of creating an electrical system placed upon our nations highways in the form of an interconnected highly durable plastic solar panel system. Imagine if all of our roads were covered with such a system! Once manufactured, in the form of large and long plastic rolls, the system would make up the top layer of the roadway.

Plastics are being developed now which can store charges (batteries), conduct electricity, produce light (flexible television screens), and I would not doubt- also provide magnetic properties. By adding silicon in different property levels of ionic charge distributions, according to the movement of electrons flowing from lower energy voids to higher, solar activation of propulsions would be easily achieved, stored, and be made available to all in need of energy supplies.

Charge current could be supplied to moving vehicles as they travel and vehicles would never need to leave the road to charge. This could be achieved by proximity of tires to the road through conductive wires located within the tires or even by methods not easily explained other than in laymen's terms. There are methods of charging by magnetic proximity which would be enhanced due to movement. Advances in understanding the magnetic properties associated to moving aluminum allow the use of aluminum in products not to mention the use of plastics for lightweight materials of vehicles. Carbon fiber materials are perspective as well.

All surfaces of vehicles, buildings, and walkways are possible locations for the development of solar power generating surfaces.

The importance of developing systems which cover roadways are unlimited. The system should be developed with the perspective of controlling vehicles; propelling vehicles by magnetic pulse, future levitation of vehicles by mirror action magnetic repulsion now seen in superconductive materials, traffic control, and accident prevention. Tracking of all users as well as communication and information and data transfer should be implemented into the construction process. Management of surface durability and ice prevention are also benefits.

The future of vehicle self-drive systems would be highly manageable due to the construction of these roadways as well as national security. As the use of liquid fuel engines would become obsolete in the near future, everyone on the roadways could be easily accounted for at all times.Do you think solar panel roadways linked across the country could reverse the effects of global climate change
The idea certainly makes me think...I love questions that make me ponder "now why didn't I think of that? It makes sense!" I'd like to answer a few questions and concerns which other answerers have brought to light.

Semi-trucks can't stop hauling because America lives through the goods the truckers haul. And up here in MN, the river barges bring up alot of goods, but they can only run when the river isn't frozen...we'd be in big trouble without the truckers running in the winter months.

The current road workers would simply switch materials, instead of laying asphalt and concrete, they'd lay solar panels and electrical wiring. And as for the oil industry employees, they can help maintain the new roadways. With a project like this, there'll be plenty to do and there'll be people who need that work.

If we can go from home-spun and wooden farm implements to tv and cell phones in 200 years, there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to go from asphalt and oil to solar panels and magnetic cars in another 200. The colonists would never have dreamed of the things we have now, the inventions we've come up with. So it's understandable that we now can't fathom using solar panels for roadways.

How will erasing our dependancy on oil and building electro-magnetic interstate highways revert us into a 3rd world country? We'd still be thriving and expanding, we'd be moving forward. Some 3rd world countries still have public plumbing in the streets and walk further everyday for dry wood to heat their homes and hearths.

What WOULD the durability of these panels be? Would we have to reduce speed limits (which increases travel time, thus making a moot issue of conservancy and prevention) so there'd potentially be fewer accidents?

As for Star Trek, you should have watched the show titled something like "How William Shatner Changed the World". The guy who invented cell phones got the idea from Kirk's communicator that he was constantly flipping out of his pocket.

I'd be willing to take part in such a venture as this, but I need more research done and stats provided because I can't answer anything about another person's concerns about CO2 or heat or friction. Plus, I have a question of my own. In the regions that get snow, plus those that flood, how will we prevent the electricity from shorting out? If I'm reading the original proposition correctly, electricity keeps traffic moving. Traffic standing still is generally something seen in big cities (or construction on the I-90 bridge here, LOL) So would little burbs of 50K people have traffic jams like LA notoriously does if the electricity shorts out?
Only if enought people stopped driving gas powered vehicles and all the semi trucks stopped hauling.Do you think solar panel roadways linked across the country could reverse the effects of global climate change
Who will set it up ?????????? Who will maintain it ???????? What about all the people who will lose their jobs in the oil industry ????????? Its not that easy.
It might work in Utopia but not here within the next couple hundred years. Construction and conversion costs would make it cost prohibitive.Do you think solar panel roadways linked across the country could reverse the effects of global climate change
Why not a grid covering every building, home and factory.
No. This idea is just more idiocy from a bunch of hate-America losers who want us to take a backseat to the third-world cesspools around the world. They are embarrassed that America's free-market capitalism has made this country the greatest the world has ever seen. We've come from a pipsqueak nation on the edge of nowhere to the greatest nation in terms of freedom, productivity and opportunity there has ever been in just 200 years or so. Nobody else even comes close. The libs don't like being Number One because somebody else has to be second. To them, that's not "fair." Fairness is an idiotic idea. You are either first, or you're nowhere.
While it would certainly reduce CO2 emissions, it would not necessarily reduce global heating, which appears to be your baseline question. Solar panels take energy which would possibly be reflected or radiated back in to space by the higher-albedo ground and instead convert the sunlight to electricity. The electricity is converted to work, which ultimately becomes heat in the form of friction losses, or in heat for your electric motors (if you didn't have friction losses, a car could just roll forever on a flat plain). So, solar panels also contribute to planetary heating, but without the hazards of CO2 emissions. They might contribute less heat overall, however, but I've never seen anyone do the calculations to prove that.
This is an awesome idea!

Are there any progressive engineers and venture capitalists out there up to the challenge? Could it realistically be done? Are there any unseen drastic maintenance issues like durability? What traffic load could a system like this bear reasonably? What kind of return on investment could a financier or the people see? Would this create new jobs? What kind?

I love seeing answers like this. They are so creative. Perhaps some or all of this will be used or cause the generation of other ideas as well. :)
this is all very star trek, like in star trek, inorder for there to be a change, most of the world would have to be devastated. hopefully not in our lifetime.
Reversal is quite difficult but the effects to global climate change can however be lessened to some extent in future.
Honestly, I think this is a very realistic goal for improving air quality and suplying energy.

You wouldn't want to use it as a road surface, as deposits from tire treads would degrade its productivity, but such a system could easily be constructed alongside roadways and rail systems. Panels would not have to be as wide as a roadway, as you have virtually unlimited linear space.

However, I don't think it will make a difference in global climate change. The primary driving force for "global warming" is not man-made polution, but natural phenomena such as volcanic eruptions. People probably have SOME effect, but its a bit like the whole tea-cup-in-the-swimming-pool thing.

There's nothing that can be done about global warming. Remember that the earth's climate is in a constant cycle from cold to hot, and back to cold. I'm sure you've heard of ice ages.
why not? You plan looks well researched and i cant see anything that couldnt happen.

Is it safe to take this car on a long trip next summer?

Ok, here's the deal:

I'm planning on taking a long trip this coming summer and will be passing by many mountainous areas in Colorado, Utah, California, etc. I won't be off roading or anything though, just visiting a bunch of the National Parks and stuff. I'm wondering if you think my car is up to the task!

I've got a 2001 Olds Alero, V6, 88,000 miles right now. By the time I plan on leaving in June, it will probably have about 95,000 miles on it. I've done the calculations, and I'll be putting probably between 5000-6000 miles on the car during this trip. I've got newer tires, newer battery, and haven't really had too many problems with the car. If you think it's safe to take this car on a long trip like this, what would you recommend me tuning up before I left? Oil change and a new air filter before I leave is a given.

thanks!Is it safe to take this car on a long trip next summer?
I love Gm vehicles, better than ford but the mileage is at the point were things like alternators, water pumps power steering pump and even the transmision might blow a seal... before you leave take it to a reputable mechanic to see if you have any leaks from these areas, that is the innitial sign of a failure. Im not a mechanic by trade but by hobby..Most important, check to see if its a timing belt or chain on that car and check what the suggested replacement mileage is.. that $30 parts could cost on the road days and $1000's

Ive been working on cars for 30 years
That motor in the Olds where wonderful work horses and run forever. I would look at putting new plugs, wires, Serpentine belt, thermostat, and Fuel filter in prior to leaving, Carry a basic tool kit with you with in the event that something may happen. I make it habit to have an extra set of plugs, fluid (Oil, anti-freeze, windshield washer, and distilled water) on trips like this as you never know what may happen. If it's been a while since you have done it, you may want to inspect the upper and lower radiator hoses as well, make sure there are no soft spots on the hoses and they do not show signs of brittleness. Pull your wheels and check the brake pads to make sure your not down to the limit on the brakes, some of the hills in these areas can destroy already worn brakes. Also have the braking system bled before you go to make sure you have maximum stopping power. Nothing is worse then to be heading down a hill and find out your not able to stop. A good once over of the transmission is also a good check, if you have not had it done in the last 30K miles have the transmission serviced. old fluid in the transmission and cut a trip short really fast when your pulling steep hills on a hot day. having good clean fresh fluid in the transmission will greatly improve your likely hood of having an uneventful journey. Have a great trip.Is it safe to take this car on a long trip next summer?
I took my 1994 Ford Explorer on a 3000 mile trip and it ran amazingly. just take it to a mechanic to make sure everything is up to snuff. you're vehicle is still a baby. dont underestimate it.
If the car is running well now I think it will make it. Bring it to a mechanic before you go and have them give it the once over. Be sure to make them aware of the trip.Is it safe to take this car on a long trip next summer?
You shouldn't have any problems if you've kept up the oil changes and done routine maintenance, then this engine should last for 200k miles.

Before you go, inspect belts for cracks, if you haven't changed radiator hoses, then I'd highly recommend it.

Not sure if the engine uses a timing chain or belt, but if it runs a belt and you haven't changed it yet, then I recommend that too.

And then just before you leave, have your mechanic check it out for last minute potential problems.
I would have the following checked/done by a reputable shop/mechanic:

1. brakes - very important in the mountains

2. transmission

3. general tune up.

For the driver(s) - study mountain driving. Do NOT ride the brakes; let the car speed up, then brake heavily to drop the speed by a large amount; then coast again. This gives the brakes an opportunity to cool down. Do downshift the transmission when going down steep hills.

If the brakes do fail - head for small trees, dirt, etc to slow you down - do not worry about destroying the car - your life is more valuable.

Check the oil, tranmission fluid and the brake fluid levels EVERYTIME you get fuel. Carry a couple bottles of each with you. Read your owners manual.
I wouldn't unless you want to change the intake and or head gaskets on your trip, happy vacationing.
That's the 3100 V6 from GM right? If I'm not mistaken those should be fairly fine. If you want to be safe you should do your 100,000 mile tune-up before you go on the trip.
I drove my 96' Chevy Silverado from Louisiana to California, and drug a car back on a tow dolly. My truck had 150,000 miles on it at the time, but I took good care of the truck.

What do people think of unfettered capitalism as it is practiced in China (see details)?

We have a nice little experiment going on in the most populous country in the world. Capitalism is flourishing and for the most part, there is very little government regulation into how companies are doing business.

The government's role is to promote their national industries and aid them in doing business with the rest of the world. But safety rules, labor regulation, and quality inspections are practically nil.

The results have been seen here, with poisoned pet food, exploding tires and cell phone batteries, tainted antibiotics etc flooding the US market. Imagine how bad it is on the shop floor of a Chinese factory!

The other side is that recently, Chinese government officials have been found to have accepted bribes from Chinese companies to look the other way on enforcement of what regulations they do have. A couple of top officials have been arrested and quickly EXECUTED. How about that for accountability!

What do Americans think of this system?What do people think of unfettered capitalism as it is practiced in China (see details)?
We went through the same thing. It is part of the growth system. That controls will come and the businesses and workers will be better off and communism will die. The child that is learning makes many mistakes but you would not consider a lobotomy for the child to make it stay a child and curtail it's mistakes.

I think the man deserved to be executed and if we enforced our laws we would be better off too.What do people think of unfettered capitalism as it is practiced in China (see details)?
So which is it? Unfettered Capitalism or people being executed for corruption?What do people think of unfettered capitalism as it is practiced in China (see details)?
pure propaganda!!!
If your a employer great.

If your a worker..well theres the razor blade and the sleeping tablets, and try not to get blood on the floor..

Unfettered Capitalism - great if everyone is a employer..I suppose....wherever that is.
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  • I want to join the national guard...but...?

    When I was 16 I was convicted of "sexual battery". Basically what happened is my high-school girlfriends parents found out we were having sex and freaked out. They didn't want to admit their daughter was being bad so they conjured up some bs saying I forced myself on her. Anyway, I spent a couple months in juvi and was eventually convicted of sexual battery(felony). The judge said I would never have to say anything to anyone so I never did. In 2009(9 years later...i'm now 26)I talked to a recruiter with the army. I did the "honest" thing and disclosed everything to him. I was denied. Someone arbitrarily says to me "oh. Just go have your record sealed. No biggie!" so I talked to the juvenile probation department about this. They tell me, very enthusiastically, that "this happens all the time! People are always having their records sealed to join the military. No biggie." I get it sealed. I talk to a different recruiter. I make it to meps. I pass all the tests. I sign my contract. I pick my job. I'm on my way........5 minutes before swearing in "umm...excuse me Mr. (name withheld)...can I speak to you for a moment?" apparently something popped up on my FBI background check. Gee. I wonder what it was! So I was denied....again....

    I've recently moved out of state to find a better job. I now have a better job. Ironically enough I work for the state. Their preemployment background check consists of taking all 10 fingerprints and sending em off to the DOJ(department of justice)/FBI. Nothing came up. question is this: WHAT THE HELL?

    Can someone PLEASE give a straight, legitimate answer!?! I really would like to serve in the national guard. And I'm tired of getting misinformation and bs.

    Is there any hope?I want to join the national guard...but...?
    having a sealed record doesnt mean anything, its still viewable by the military and those who handle DOD background checks. depending on what state job you have it may or may not be something that they dig for. some background checks date back to the day you were born, some only the last couple years. also what you were convicted of might not mean anything to your employer especially considering that it was as a juvi... however it is a big deal to the military.I want to join the national guard...but...?
    It's possible that when you moved out of state, the new employer only ran you for that state. Try to speak with the recruiter near you now, maybe he can explain it. also you can contact the courts and they can re-write your juvenile rec. A friend of mine had a charge on him from when he was 14, and the military would not except him due to it being a felony to the military. Same happened to him at meps. Years later he spoke to the n. guard recruiter and the recruiter went and spoke to the courts and explained that if the words could just be changed from breaking and entering (opened a car door and grabed something that wasn't his, but broke nothing) to unlawful entry, he could serve our country and join the military. vwola poof the courts made it happen and he is proudly serving in the n guard 2 years now. But it's true they do look at sealed records. you have to get the felony part out of your record.

    Hello! I wanted to know the difference between the noise of a bad wheel bearing and bad brakes.?

    I recently went to National tire and battery to get an oil change, also to have them do a general inspeciton since its free. so they did it and they told me that my whole braking system is bad, the calipers, brake pad, and rotors, so basically the whole system. anyway i knew that there was something going on especially with the driver side wheel because i hear a whurring noise when i accelerate, I guess you would describe it as so. when i push down on my brakes they do float so i know that the brakes need to be done, also they said that my side the caliper is broken and fused so i want to know if that could cause that whurring noise or could it be the wheel bearing?Hello! I wanted to know the difference between the noise of a bad wheel bearing and bad brakes.?
    the best way to diagnose a wheel bearing when changing lanes or going around a turn such as a jug handle. if the pitch changes or the sound goes away when you do that its a bearing. what your doing is putting or taking the weight of the car on and off the bearing. if the noise never changes its prob not a bearing. also if you jack up the car and grab the tire at the top and bottom, there should be no play. if it moves. its a bearing.
    A humming sound will appear on drive mean the bearing, and can be crosscheck by turn and shake the wheel while it's on jack. For brake, most caliper probelm is a broken seal and rusted piston, piston can be cleaned and seal can be replace by the caliper kit. The rest won't need to replace by damage if normal driving is on most time. For the noise been heard, try to clean the pad that may dirty by pad dust. Resurface the pad and disc may needed if both not flat by hard braking on most time.Hello! I wanted to know the difference between the noise of a bad wheel bearing and bad brakes.?
    You need to run from those folks. They are gyp artists and they really got your number. Go to an honest shop. The "free" inspection isn't really free, is it? They will be happy to take your money for a whole new brake system that you don't need if the problem is a noisy wheel bearing. The caliper is not broken and fused. Bet on that. Those are some scary expressions, aren't they? You didn't bring the car in on a tow truck, which you would have with all the things wrong they say.

    I had a shop like that tell me I needed a new battery. I bought tires and wheel alignment that I knew I needed because that's all I went there for, but not a battery. They did loosen one battery cable so it would be troublesome later on when the weather turned. I cleaned and tightened the cable. I know how much to trust shops telling me my non problem is going to be a failure.
    screeeeechHello! I wanted to know the difference between the noise of a bad wheel bearing and bad brakes.?
    it could be the wheel bearing or a caliper can do it if it,s not releasing the pads away from the rotor. usually with a caliper you should only hear it when you hit the brake. i would say the wheel bearing.
    Wheel bearings will usually make noise anytime the car is moving, sometimes even more when turning. Brakes typically make noise when you apply the brakes. I would get a second opinion from a different mechanic. Some of these places just want to replace everything when only some of the components are bad.